COVID-19 Update

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Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Studio Coact have remained open for business and this time around is no exception. Despite the recent announcement and U-turn from the UK government regarding the upcoming national UK lockdown, Studio Coact would like to make clear that we will remain open to support any client, old or new, with any adaptations they may require once they are allowed to reopen come December.

Our usual hours of operation will be unchanged: 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. Outside of these hours, we will be contactable via email.


Covid Secure Signage

As part of our ongoing effort to support all of our clients, we have worked closely with those in need to produce high quality way-finding and distancing signage. Our design team have tackled each case individually to ensure a solution fit for each individual brand and applied it in an equally as individual fashion. Creating visually appealing reminders has played a big part in Mowgli’s effort to keep Mowgli safe with their Founder, Nisha Katona, recently announcing that having served over 250,000 guests since August, Mowgli have not had to refer any guests through test and trace.

Mowgli Restaurant  Covid19 Posters, Covid-19 branded mask
Menu inserts, wall-mounted posters and floor-mounted way finding signage remind staff, customers and visitors to observe the government advice for keeping safe during the pandemic as per their local coronavirus tier restrictions.


Covid-19 Posters for Mowgli
Keeping a consistent brand narrative throughout all messaging whilst ensuring any materials produced are properly accessible further strengthens your brand as well as keeping those around you safe. Using properly contrasting colours with legible font sizing and spacing helps customers or visitors who may be hard of sight stay safe.


Covid Secure Guidance

As well as signage, we have also been able to produce printed guidance for use within menus, as posters, or distributable leaflets to be displayed throughout venues to further remind staff and visitors alike of the importance of the current government guidelines; how the venue may have changed due to social distancing; or how worship ceremonies may have to be adapted to account for deep cleaning procedures.

Coronavirus COVID 19 info booklet for worshippers at the Metropolitan Cathedral Liverpool
Public information booklets can accelerate the ability for your venue to reopen in a safe manner without compromising the atmosphere or community of your frequent visitors. It is especially pertinent for places of worship to be able to keep their visitors up to date on the latest guidelines.


COVID Secure floor plan of the Metropolitan Cathedral Liverpool
Floor plans to indicate a one-way system to complement existing venue maps can be developed to align perfectly with an existing brand.


Preparing for the Future

In response to the changes we have all had to make due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have worked closely with industry leaders to produce cost-effective contact free payment solutions for hospitality clients in the form of mobile apps complete with full food and drinks menus and the ability to pay by phone, without the need to interact with a member of staff. These solutions can be paired with other third-party systems to manage online and telephone bookings which again reduce social interactions to the bare minimum required.

We would like to thank all of our clients for sticking by us through such uncertain times. If you are in need of any COVID related materials for your business, venue or website, contact us today.

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