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The COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating for millions of people worldwide. It disrupted businesses of all shapes and sizes; and brands, worldwide, scrambled to adapt their business to the rapidly evolving “digital world”. As we approach the end of a life changing year we are excited to announce two new clients who are putting their trust in us for 2021.

Carden Park is a Luxury Hotel, Spa and Golf resort in Chester. As part of their 2021 marketing strategy, we have been tasked to rethink their website from the ground up. With an average of 80,000 unique users generating a combined half a million page views, each month, it is absolutely vital that we are on our A-game from the first tee.

A bespoke web experience will be developed by Studio Coact to provide Carden Park with the best possible showcase of their rooms, spa experiences, golf packages and event offerings in a way users will love and understand utilising multiple traffic analysis and user behaviour methods.

We are delighted to begin our working relationship with Studio Coact. As an agency, they have already shown their willingness to go the extra mile in helping us to deliver our core objectives of becoming the UK’s leading luxury resort hotel. We expect great things from the partnership and I’m confident they can deliver.

— Dan Rennie, Marketing Manager. Carden Park.

But that’s only the first 9. We are also delighted to announce a new relationship with St Andrews Links—otherwise regarded as the “Home of Golf”. For over 6 centuries, St Andrews has hosted every great champion as well as millions of others and now it’s our turn to write our own part of their history.

And as we are completing our loop, join us in the 19th for a natter about how we can help you with your brand, website, or digital marketing strategy in 2021.

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