Security Policy

It is the established policy of Studio Coact Ltd to operate within the requirements of a documented Security Policy statement to comply with all statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements in relation to our hosting services.

The purpose of this statement is to describe how security is implemented, to give guidance to our employees whose actions can affect the confidentiality and integrity of the business, its hosting services, and, to illustrate the overall commitment to security issues within our company.

In pursuance of this, our current stated requirements are as follows:

  • The security framework and accreditation in-place, on behalf of Studio Coact by UKFast.Net Ltd, for security complies with ISO 27001
  • Server monitoring is activated on-premise with the physical hardware for the Dedicated server.
  • Data is encrypted during transit with a SSL for the website which has 2048 bit encryption and decryption for data transmission over the internet.
  • In the unlikely event of an incident, there are dedicated resources who work 24x7x365 days in each department.
  • There are regular routine maintenance tasks covering tasks such as updates, server health on hardware and software level.
  • The server is backed up daily and can be restored within 2 hours of failure.

This statement, which is not intended as a stand-alone document, is supported by detailed process operating procedures to form a set of working documents, which define our company’s security activities.

The Security Policy is maintained by review in order to provide effective assurance that all aspects of company, employee and customer specified security requirements are being implemented.

The Studio Coact Ltd Managing Director is responsible for managing security, and he will also ensure that all employees are trained to understand, implement and maintain the security objectives set out in the Studio Coact Ltd Security Policy. Should you wish to contact Studio Coact on any data privacy matter please email

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