7 Signs You Probably Need a New Website

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Think about your website right now. Are you proud of it or would you prefer to hide it away from any potential clients or customers? If your answer is to hide it away, then now is definitely the time to think about getting your business a new website.

Yet, even if your website looks great in your eyes, it might still be in need of a redesign. Indeed, if you’ve not had an update in the last three years or your website is suffering from one or more of the seven issues below, then getting a new website should be at the top of your to do list.


1. Your Website Isn’t Responsive

While, back in the day, websites might have been designed to be used only on a PC, these days most of us will do the majority of our internet browsing on a smartphone or tablet. So, if your website isn’t responsive – that is, it will change its display to suit the size of the screen your screen – visitors will find your website hard to view and navigate.

Because of this poor navigation, you will find that your visitors will begin to drop. As, with such a bad user experience, these visitors will simply move on to one of your competitors who has a better, responsive website.
Worse, as well as losing potential customers, your ranking on Google can also be affected. That’s because, when your site isn’t responsive, Google will tarnish your website as one that has poor content. This will result in a reduced search authority score.


2. Your Website is Running Slow

Speed is everything, with consumers wanting to get on to a website and find the information that they’re looking for within seconds. Which means, if your website loads slowly and is slow to navigate, these visitors are likely to leave your website and look elsewhere.

There are a number of reasons your website could be running low, such as:

  • Server response is slow
  • Multiple redirects
  • There are too many plugins enabled
  • Non-optimised images
  • Resources aren’t cached

By getting a website redesigned, though, you should be able to improve the speed of your website.


3. The Branding Isn’t Consistent

It doesn’t matter what your business is, your branding is everything. Which is why so many of us spend a lot of time and investment into keeping our branding current. Despite this investment, which usually sees updates on social media and even product branding, many of us forget to update our websites to reflect our current logo, fonts, images and colours.

This can be detrimental to a business, though. As, if a potential customer sees that your website has not been updated to reflect your current branding, it can lead to these customers to think your company could be in trouble or that the website isn’t yours. Which means that customer can become suspicious and not want to buy into your brand.

Always remember that your website is one of your greatest marketing tools, so not keeping it up-to-date is a massive disservice to your company.


4. There Are Security Issues

While it can be obvious if a website is outdated or isn’t responsive, we often overlook the security of that website. Indeed, many business owners don’t realise there’s a security issue with their site until they find themselves hacked.

By getting your website redesigned every few years and ensuring you have things like an SSL certificate, you will keep your website and your customers safe. Plus, having an SSL certificate will help with your Google rankings too.


5. You Have a Poor Lead Conversion Rate

While we tend to focus on our site ranking and digital marketing strategy in order to get leads onto our website, these leads are meaningless if they don’t convert into sales. So, if you have a low lead conversion rate, it could be your website that is letting you down.

Here consider a website redesign and then work on little changes to see what works and what doesn’t for your leads.


6. The Design is Outdated

Sometimes, though, it’s just obvious that your website needs redesigned, as it’s just looking dated. Perhaps it’s your choice of images or fonts, or maybe you have plugins that were popular a few years ago but not they only highlight how old your website is.

As well as the cosmetics of your website, it could be that your website no longer reflects all of your business. Perhaps you now offer many more services or you have a lot more testimonials you’d like to highlight. Here a website redesign can really go towards making sure your website encompasses what your business is.


7. You Don’t Have a Digital Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is essential for any business to succeed in a modern climate, and your website is the central hub from which all those strategies will come together. Just think, if you’re creating a stellar social media campaign, your goal will be to get shares, engagement and new followers – which will ultimately lead to more traffic on your website.

The same goes with creating a website blog or an email newsletter. True, the content might be about a recipe or the advantages of a certain product (depending on your business) but the goal is always the same, to get more website traffic.

Because a digital marketing strategy is aimed at website traffic and conversion, if you don’t have a strategy in place, you might never have thought about redesigning that website. Which means, rather than just leaving it as it is, you should think about a website redesign and creating a digital marketing strategy at the same time.


If you think your website might need a redesign or you’re just looking for advice on how you can make a better user experience with a higher lead conversion, just get in touch with Studio Coact today. Together we can work on creating you the website you’ve always dreamed about for your business!

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