Website Design

Digital strategy

Our digital strategy begins with you. The first step we take is to meet with our clients and gain a thorough understanding of their business. We will get to know your marketing objectives, biggest competitors and brand identity. Developing a close working relationship with our clients is important to us; think of us as an extension of your team rather than your agency.

Content strategy

We map out a content strategy to ensure we create a website that is on-brand and meets your objectives. Based on an understanding of your business’ goals, we will strategise where key parts of your website should be including calls-to-action, and carefully plan how the site should look in line with your brand’s identity.

UI & UX design

We never forget about the most important person in the website design process: the end user. Extensive planning and research goes into ensuring your website is not just stylish but user friendly. Our process involves creating a visual layout of all the elements that your customers might interact with. We then test the user’s experience and ensure it is as smooth as possible. We also check each site’s functionality on a range of browsers and devices to guarantee every user can access your site.

Our Process

Discovery, Research and Planning

Our experts will discuss your web design project with you to understand your requirements and your vision. This is where we get under the skin of your business to learn about your brand, your product and the audience you want to attract. After this conversation, we will undertake extensive competitor research to identify areas where your website can excel against others in your industry. We will then put together an initial web design strategy outlining our plan in line with your brand’s goals.

User Experience Design

Understanding how your users will navigate the website is key to a successful web design. Once our team has prepared an initial strategy, we will design a wireframe of your site complete with its navigation. We will test every area of this wireframe to anticipate the user’s journey and ensure the site functions in a friendly, accessible way. UX is crucial to what we do at studiocoact.

User Interface Design

Next we will design the user interface. Think of this as the icing on the cake. Having planned how the website will look and function, we will create an interactive prototype of your site.


This is where your website will really come to life. Our team will take your design and place it into a responsive web platform. We will ensure your site is not just viewable on you and your customers’ desktop computers; they will also be able to use it on their smartphones and tablets too.


From an SEO perspective, website migrations can be tricky. Having a clear migration strategy in place is key to minimising the impact on traffic and rankings, so that once search engines have picked up on the changes, you’ll be ready to reap the rewards of your new build.


What is the point of a beautiful website if your customers can’t use it properly? No website project is complete without testing, testing and testing again. We will make sure every page works exactly how it should. Our team will also guarantee your website works on all the major browsers and on devices of every shape and size.

“After months of searching for a company that could develop a website to meet our requirements, we found Studio Coact through recommendation. Studio Coact are incredibly easy to work with - from the kick-off meeting to launch, they worked with us to develop a website with a unique theme to fit our brand refresh whilst delivering the right balance of creativity and website functionality.”

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