5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Professional Website

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“Do I really need a website for my restaurant?” Perhaps this question has cropped up several times in your mind. You’re listed on all major food delivery apps, have a presence on social media and have good signage to attract foot traffic.

Even then, you are missing out on a host of benefits that a website can bring for your business. A presence on third party platforms like Facebook or Yelp is good for a start but not enough. For all you know, your business would be lost in the crowd on these platforms.

Here are our top 5 reasons why your restaurant should invest in a professional website.

Increase Visibility and Awareness

When people are looking for a takeout service or eat out, they usually look up Google Search for some options.

By building a professional restaurant website, you can use SEO to your advantage. By optimising your restaurant website for your target keywords, you can have a chance at ranking on the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

By ranking on the first page of Google search, you can improve visibility, establish your brand, stand apart from your competitors, generate traffic to your website and drive sales.


Establish Local Identity

A professional website allows you to show your prospective customers what to expect even before they visit your restaurant. Entice people with a stunning menu and professionally taken pictures of your dishes, busy chefs preparing meals and happy patrons.

Showcase the ambience of your restaurant with photos of the bar, patio, interior or the cosy private dining room. All of this information will give your customers some idea about what to expect when they visit your local restaurant.


Create Brand Awareness

Your restaurant website allows you to build a professional image. If you’re just starting out, a website is an excellent way to help your target customers to become acquainted with your business.

With the right marketing strategy, you can even encourage customers to visit your website, explore your brand and visit your restaurant.


Keep Customers Informed (especially during the COVID-19 crisis)

Have you ever found yourself making a trip to a restaurant only to find it closed? You were perhaps hungry and had to look for another restaurant in a rush – not a memorable experience!

With COVID-19 disrupting any notion of regularity that existed in restaurant schedules, the risk of such an experience is high.

You don’t want to end up disappointing your customers who’re already tired and stressed out.

A website is an excellent way to provide up-to-date, accurate information about your operating hours, payment methods, directions and the type of service you’re currently offering (takeout only, dine-in, closed, etc.)

A website allows you to include accurate information to your customers in one place. You can easily upload your latest menu to keep your patrons informed about your latest offerings.

You can also make it easy for your customers to find you by placing a map to your restaurant and showing them where to park.


Take Online Orders

This is an especially important feature to have especially during the pandemic. With a second wave of COVID-19 infections hitting the UK, many cities have again implemented restrictions to control the surge.

Without a website, you cannot serve your customers sheltering at home.

Whether you offer takeaway or delivery, you could use your website to take online orders, making it easy for your customers to place orders.

Having a website means you have a booking line that’s open 24/7 and isn’t dependent on a customer care team or a third-party delivery service to take orders. What’s more, a booking system eliminates the possibility of getting a booking wrong.


Need a Professional Website for Your Restaurant?

If you don’t have a website yet, you are missing out on prospective customers. At Studio Coact, we help businesses across Liverpool and the UK build user-friendly, professional websites that impress visitors, engage them and convert them into customers.

Need more information? Want to discuss your project? Why not schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our web design consultants? Contact us online or call 0151 708 5813 now.

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