Search Engine Optimisation

You and your brand

What is the use of having a website if nobody sees it? The ultimate goal of SEO is to reduce the amount of time a website’s target market spends searching for it. This is achieved by taking strategic and methodical steps to elevate the website to page 1 of your keyword search results on major search engines.

Plan of action

We will perform keyword research, audit your website and analyse your competitors’ activity to formulate a plan of action as part of our SEO strategy. This can involve anything from amendments to site structure to a revised content strategy of keyword-rich pages. Each strategy is bespoke to your specific business goals and we work closely with our partners to understand your particular objectives.

Bespoke for you

With an intent to increase meaningful traffic from your target demographic, our team has many years of experience in SEO. We have run campaigns for brands big and small in industries both new and competitive. Our digital marketing experts are enthusiastic about creating SEO campaigns that will help our partners cut through the digital noise.

Our SEO Services

Local SEO

Optimising owned properties to rank for hyper-localised search results.

On-site & Technical SEO

Page level optimisation of structured and unstructured content, along with server-based optimisations.

SEO Audits

studiocoact’s in-depth SEO review of on-site and off-site SEO.

Link Building

The discipline of building credible links to raise your site authority in Google’s eyes.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO done within the constraints of the e-commerce site architecture format and platform.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is the discipline of optimising the user journey on a page level to achieve conversion outcomes.

Google Penalty Removal

Addressing and removing site penalties enforced by Google either automatically or manually for breaking policy.

Keyword Research

The process of understanding the language your target audience ask questions in. With either commercial or informational intent.

Schema & Structured Data

The micro-data formats that are coded into your website for Google and other platforms to understand business specifics, i.e. location, business category, phone number.

Grow your website traffic with Search Engine Optimisation




When you work with us.

Direct Point of Contact

No more sales account managers or disconnect; speak directly to the SEO specialists who understand and run your campaign detail.

Daily Performance Tracking

We don’t hide behind fake numbers. Every core metric of your campaign is tracked and available for you to access, any time.

No Lock in Contracts

We enjoy long term partnerships with our clients, but we won’t lock you in to a contract. Just give us 30 days notice to finalise and hand-over your campaign at any stage.

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