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Google is currently rolling out a new search algorithm update named the December 2021 Products Reviews Update – so how will it impact you and just how important are reviews on your website?

Beginning on December 1st, it’s the second time Google has pushed out a Products Reviews Update this year with the first one having been rolled out in April 2021.

This update is aimed towards improving the quality and usefulness of reviews shown to the users. It will serve as a ranking signal, rewarding sites with genuine, high-quality reviews.


What Could It Mean For You?

If you own a site that publishes product reviews, you are most likely to be affected by the December 2021 Product Reviews Update.

This means that whether you see a positive or negative impact on rankings, would depend on the quality of the product reviews.

It also means that Google will get smarter at detecting lazy reviews as a result of this new algorithm update.

The December 2021 Product Review Update is projected to be completed in three weeks, giving site owners time to improve the quality of their reviews.


What Are The Benefits Of Reviews On Your Website?

If there’s one thing that customers trust, it’s the recommendations of other consumers, so whatever your industry, having a positive online presence gives you several key advantages, which is why it’s becoming a key part of branding.

Here are just a few reasons why.


1. They Drive Sales

Good online reviews have a clear impact on sales and we’re more likely to make a purchase if others around us – even those we’ve never met – believe that it is a good decision.

That’s because they are key to the decision-making process, helping customers to get a better idea about the product, including material, size, and shape.

So if a product appears too small or the wrong size and shape, an accurate customer review can put a wary shopper at ease – increasing their chances of making a purchase.


2. They Provide A Link To Customers

More than simply posting reviews, consumers today expect companies to respond to their comments.

In return, this gives you an avenue to connect with consumers and reinforce positive reviews with further comments or even information about other products and promotions.

More importantly, they also give you a way to quickly rectify a poor review and show that you care by setting the record straight.


3. They Build Trust Among Shoppers

While physically handling and observing a product is probably the best way to gauge quality, reviews can be the next best thing for businesses that exist solely in the ecommerce space.

Reading dozens of reviews that indicate good quality and services create an online reputation that customers can trust.

In fact, some studies suggest that customers are as much as 63% more likely to make a purchase from a company that displays online reviews.


4. They Are Great For SEO

Creating a site which ranks highly on all the major search engines is what most companies want to achieve, but can take a lot of time and energy though customer reviews can do much of this for you so you don’t have to.

When compiling a review, most customers will automatically use keywords which you are keen to promote, such as the name of the products, adding more content on the internet associated with you.

So not only will your name be more likely to appear when web users search keywords related to your store, they’re also most likely to see your positive reviews from happy customers too.


5. They Can Help You Improve Your Business

No companies want to see negative comments on their website, but poor reviews can actually help you identify areas of your business that are in need of improvement.

Put simply, if you see a bunch of negative reviews with similar complaints, you may have a problem worth addressing which could ultimately improve your online presence in the long-term.

So if a load different reviews praise your products but criticise your checkout process, for example, it may be time to invest in creating a smoother, more efficient purchase procedure.


Act Now

Following the roll out of Google’s latest update, your website could be missing out if it’s not fully optimised.

And if you don’t take action you might well see traffic plummet as your ranking goes down.

Our digital marketing experts understand how search engine algorithms work and can strategize ways of helping your website appear higher in their ranking positions.


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