How to build a Strong Brand

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Building a strong brand is an essential part of establishing your position in the contemporary market, helping your business develop, grow, and sustain an identity in several different ways.

Whether it’s conveyed through a unique image, colour scheme or font (or a combination of all three) focusing on what your brand means to you and communicating it to your customers is the best way of uniquely expressing who you are.

Read on to find out more about how this works.


What is a brand?

Put simply, a brand is the way in which a company uses an image, symbol, or design to identify itself as something separate from companies that provide the same (or similar) goods and services.

To understand how companies have done this within the contemporary marketplace, you don’t have to look far: take Oatly as an example.



Even though there are numerous – and relatively successful – brands of oat milk out there, it’s likely that this colour scheme, font, and design comes to mind when someone refers to oat milk in conversation.

This is because Oatly, like many other companies, have a strong brand identity, which in turn encourages brand loyalty, meaning customers continue to use a product or service for long periods of time.


How does it Work?

Branding is often considered to be the human side of your business, helping you appeal to your customers on an emotional level.

Think, for example, of how the Disney logo incites a feeling of nostalgia in adults and one of excitement in children; the way the Apple logo communicates a sense of reliability, intuitiveness, and sophistication amongst its users, and even the way popular confectionaries, such as Dairy Milk, arouse feelings of comfort and satisfaction.

What each of these brands have in common is a sense of purpose, an understanding of their primary and secondary target audiences, and an ongoing marketing strategy that sustains the impression they want to make on their customers.

This type of strategy, in conjunction with a unique font, an eye-catching colour scheme, and an overall design that breathes character into what your business has to offer, helps your customers not only recognise your brand, but identify with it in a deeper way.

This, in turn, means that your customers develop a sense of dedication to your products, giving you an edge over your competitors and consolidating your position in the marketplace, often for years to come.


Just the Beginning…

Once you have begun building a strong brand, maintaining and developing its identity over time can keep you fresh in the minds of customers. If you have a strong brand identity to begin with, this can be done subtly, without altering their perception of your core values and overall ethos.

If you’re looking to bolster your brand’s identity but aren’t sure where to start, Studio Coact can help you.

Why not contact us today, and find out more about what a strong brand identity can do for your business?

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