Driving a Brand During Lockdown

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COVID-19 has pushed businesses to their limits with even some of the industry’s biggest names struggling to adapt to life as we now know it.

While this seismic shift has been disconcerting for many, with some companies unfortunately falling by the wayside, others have risen to the occasion in the face of adversity to embrace the “new normal.”

And even as restrictions are eased and news of a potentially game changing vaccine has undoubtedly lifted spirits, it’s still far from business as usual out there as workplaces remain closed while workers are furloughed or sadly unemployed.

But, believe it or not, this could well be the ideal time for your business to start increasing its brand development; putting you firmly on the map while building and maintaining a customer base once the lockdown is fully lifted.

So here are just a few things you can do now to ensure your business is in a strong place when normality finally returns.


Help Others where You Can

If there has been any benefit of this truly global crisis, it’s that we’ve seen people come together to lend a helping hand or offer support in a way many of us have never experienced before.

Heart-warming stories of brands doing their bit to help out – such as creating additional protective equipment or providing free services for key workers – have reminded us that the world is not all bad, even during such a difficult time.

So remember, this is not all about you and anything you can do to help out, either locally or nationally, will certainly cast you in a favourable light when things eventually get back to what we’re used to.


Expand Your Network

With much of the world stuck at home, separated from friends and family and desperate for a little interaction, this is a great time to remind people that you are there for them.

You’d think nothing of reaching out to your customer base or potential clients during the good times, so why should it be any different when things aren’t so great?

Adding a little personal feel to your social media efforts, while demonstrating a human side to your brand, will allow you to establish some trust and reach out to those who would appreciate it most.


Don’t Stop Being Yourself

Although there’s nothing wrong with using such trying times to connect with your audience, if not done properly your efforts can seem unnatural and forced.

We’ve all seen brands take to social media to try and build awareness during the lockdown and often to good effect.

But customers will quickly see through any poorly thought out or crass campaigns, so stick to what you do best year-in-year out in order to remain true to your brand identity.


Target Your Audience

Where your audience spends their time has most likely changed in light of the pandemic as lockdown continues to alter the way we all live our lives.

Whereas before they may have turned to Twitter or could be found on Facebook, the current climate might have seen them leaning towards LinkedIn for industry updates.

So don’t stick to the tried and tested. Move with the times and understand that your audiences’ habits have most likely changed, meaning you may need to adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.


Trust a branding specialist

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We are a brand design agency that is passionate about building and developing brands, supporting businesses from the outset or working with those looking to grow.

Whether you’re starting fresh, or simply looking for a refresh; we can help you establish or reposition your brand so that your business can thrive when the world begins to look normal once again.

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