7 Ways Your Online Brand Can Become More Sustainable

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Incorporating sustainable branding into your business doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and anything that you can do to be a more eco-friendly business will not just be beneficial to the planet – but your public profile, too.

Customers want sustainability these days, and as younger generations continue to enter the workforce, the demand for sustainability in brands will only increase.

So what makes a brand more sustainable? Here are just some ways that you can make a big difference with minimal effort while also promoting your business.


1. Reduce Your Meetings

You can become a more sustainable brand by cutting back on travel and, instead, making the most of technology. So the next time you need to arrange a meeting with an overseas client choose a conference call instead. Not only will you be saving some money by not hiring a space, but you will also be reducing harmful emissions from air travel.


2. Work Remotely

This is an effective way of making your brand more eco-friendly because employees aren’t commuting and using energy sitting in traffic – reducing pollution and saving you some money in the process. So having your employees go remote for a few days a week instead of coming into work every day can actually be cost-efficient and help the environment too.


3. Use Green Web Hosting

Running a website can be very energy-intensive with dozens of servers required to store and send data, with global internet usage actually emitting more carbon than the entire aviation industry. Green web hosts are more environmentally conscious than typical web hosts, and help reduce the environmental impact of hosting a website through sponsoring eco-friendly initiatives, using sustainable energy, and more.


4. Use A Renewable Energy Provider

Using a renewable energy provider will ensure your business is even more green as well as saving you money in the long run. And by doing this, every time you turn on your computer, upload images to your social media or charge your smartphone, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing so using wind, solar, hydro or other renewable energy sources.


5. Reduce Your Packaging

You can reduce your environmental impact significantly by opting to go plastic-free with your packaging. So consider switching to cardboard packaging or, even better, recycled packaging to eliminate packaging waste and promote a sustainable shopping experience while you should avoid multiple shipments for one order whenever possible.


6. Recycle E-Waste

Phones, computers, tablets and monitors; unwanted devices can either end up in landfill, or shipped to other countries where there is damage to the environment and human health from emissions. So make sure the electronics in your office are recycled correctly and search for nearby e-waste recycling locations or you could even consider donating your items to local charities.


7. Support A Good Cause

As well as considering what targets your organisation can achieve when it comes to being more sustainable, it’s also important to think of the bigger picture and set longer term goals. So choose a specific cause to support throughout the year, like reforestation or reducing water pollution that might just align with your business’s beliefs or, alternatively, support a community project on your doorstep, such as local gardens or reforestation projects.


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