7 Tips on how to add value to your brand

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Even in the full throes of financial success, the most successful brands are always looking for a branding strategy that adds value to their goods and services.

With their ethos, vision, and position in the market already established, they still make it their business to find ways of improving brand value.

Whether it’s through developing new customer service strategies, offering unique goods, or developing a way of delivering bespoke services, adding value to your brand is important no matter what your position in the market.

If you’re looking for tips on how to do this, then this blog is for you: here’s seven tips on how to add value to your brand.


1: Offer Better Quality

While it might seem obvious, offering better quality or a higher value for money than your competitors is a tried and tested way of boosting brand value.

Knowing what value means to your customers is essential to this, and so finding out what their specific needs are is essential to being able to offer them improved versions of what you’re providing.

Knowing your competition is also useful when assessing quality, as knowing what else is out there can help you gain perspective on what you are delivering.


2: Speed of Service

It’s no secret that the advent of digital technology is making us more impatient, with next day delivery, instant access, and bespoke arrangements becoming an increasingly widespread aspect of the consumer landscape.

Because of this, speed can often be conflated with quality, meaning the faster you deliver a product the more valuable your customers will think it is.


3: Improve Customer Service

Again, this might seem obvious, but constantly evaluating and improving your customer service protocols is an essential part of any long or short-term business strategy.

When aligned with the above tips, it’s easy to see how the addition of quality, speed of service, and the way in which this service is delivered can add value to your brand, especially when you’ve considered what your customers want, as well as what your competitors offer.


4: Reward Loyalty

While it may seem old hat at times, this customer retention strategy means added value is embedded into transactions, as customers are purchasing one thing whilst receiving something extra over time.

Whether it’s a free coffee, a discount on services, points or prizes, the feeling of receiving something extra rewards returning customers whilst adding value to their purchase.


5: A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

Whilst there are many ways this can add value to your brand, there are two ways this can help that are important to mention here: catering to mobile consumers and building brand reputation.

As more and more people use their phones to browse the web, ensuring your services are visible and easily accessed on mobile platforms is essential to building brand value.

At the same time, the ability to attract targeted traffic, build a relationship with your audience online, and get people engaging with your content can enhance your brand’s reputation.


6: The Branding Itself

As well as your products and services, your slogans, logos, colour schemes, and images are an integral part of the package when customers choose your business.

Whilst it may seem superficial, these things express the ethos of your brand and its uniqueness, adding an extra layer to the service your customers are investing in.


7: Improve Experience

Each of the above tips ultimately point towards this idea, as improving the overall experience customers have of interacting with your business ultimately adds value to your brand.

From start to finish, there should be as little friction as possible between your services being discovered and being purchased, whether this is online or in-person.

It’s also worth considering how easy your customers can contact you with concerns, questions, or even complaints, as this also contributes positively to their perception of your brand, as well as the value they attach to it.


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