5 Engaging Graphic Design Trends 2023

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Each year we turn to graphic design trends when it comes to how we portray ourselves and the message we want to send out about who we are and what we do.

And 2023 is no exception as graphic designers move from minimalist and monochrome to daring and diverse designs.

So whether it’s touchable texture, illuminating illustrations or electric elements – here’s what we can expect from the next 12-months and beyond.


Why Graphic Design Trends Are Important?

Graphic design remains an essential tool in helping businesses communicate value and solve problems through data visualisation and beyond.

As a result, the need for visual communication skills is greater than ever for you and your business.

By following and understanding trends, you’re communicating to your audience that you are plugged in and engaged with how consumer interests are evolving.

So here are some of the top graphic design trends that we think will make a splash in 2023, as well as the influence they might have on businesses everywhere.


  1. Inclusive Character Illustrations

Expect to see more inclusive characteristics, nationalities, genders, religions, cultures, and other preferences in character illustrations in the coming year.

These character illustrations can be used to celebrate diverse and unique human personalities and are the perfect elements for everything from social media graphics to flyers and reports.

  1. Experimental fonts

Sorry sans serif fans, but we expect to be seeing less of the more mundane fonts in 2023 as brash and bold is what it’s all about.

That’s because we predict a rise in fonts with soft organic shapes, as well as playful graffiti-style fonts – which are more memorable and recognisable and help to make your business stand out from the rest.

  1. Retro Cartoon Stickers

With the influence of expressive artistry, we expect to see more stickers in vibrant colours this year in a continuation of the 90’s retro-futurism we saw in 2022.

The bold and striking colours are pretty easy on the eye – meaning you can use them to brighten up pretty much any graphic design project you have in mind.

  1. Going Gothic

The gothic revival, often associated with the likes of Tik Tok, is one of the biggest graphic design trends to hit the scene in 2023 – often as a reaction to the bubbly and colourful Y2K revival creations we’re seeing in the design world.

That’s because, as any Goth will tell you, colour and hierarchy are all challenged in order to create something new in an anti-conformist style.

  1. Punk Revival

With roots dating back to the 1920s, but more prominent in the 1970s, punk is characterised by DIY techniques like scribbled lettering, cut-outs, mismatched fonts and chaotic collages and is an overall rejection of opulence and decorum in society.

These jumbled arrangements are visually energetic while the frustration in the jagged edges and graffiti splatter is perfect for a time when society seems more broken than it has been for decades.


Talk To Us About Your Graphic Design Needs

Using an experienced graphic design agency can seriously boost your business’s means of traversing the digital marketing landscape over the next 12-months and beyond.

As well as communicating your information in an exciting, creative way, it can also boost sales, develop a culture of customer loyalty, and give you a platform from which you can further develop your company’s vision.

So if you want to know how good graphic design can help your business, why not contact us today?

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