Should My Business Be on TikTok?

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Since being launched by the Chinese company ByteDance in 2016, TikTok has become available in 150 countries, reaching an estimated 1 billion users by the start of 2022.

Its success has been attributed to its built-in recording and editing capabilities, the speed at which content can be created, and its receptivity to constantly changing trends.

As a social media marketing tool, TikTok can help your business grow, providing you with a new way of reaching existing customers whilst attracting new ones from anywhere in the world.

If your content goals are to reach more people, show off your brand personality, and go viral, TikTok marketing could be for you: read on to find to find out more about how it works.



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Show People Your Products and Services

TikTok’s media marketing strengths lie in its format, providing businesses with a visual marketing tool that can be accessed by users all over the world.

With its sole focus being on the creation of short-form videos, TikTok marketing offers businesses a niche platform through which products and services can be advertised, allowing you to create short, punchy product related videos with relative ease.

Due to having a wide range of easy-to-use creative features such as filters and effects, the option to use copyrighted music, and the capacity to add stickers, keywords, and text, TikTok means you can really have fun with your media marketing, advertising your products and services in a highly creative way.

For more advice on how TikTok marketing strategies can benefit your business, contact Studio Coact today.


Reach a Wider Audience

Using TikTok to advertise your products and services will help you reach a wider audience, as you’ll be able to take advantage of its social media algorithm, user behaviour, and the creation of trends.

TikTok’s algorithm is incredibly advanced and can learn what users like based on their behaviour on the app. Due to taking note of the types of videos you ignore or quickly scroll away from, the algorithm can prevent more videos of a similar nature coming up on your feed – and vice versa.

TikTok’s algorithm is particularly sensitive to this, which is why it can produce platform specific trends that are constantly changing and engaging users.

It is because of this, as well as being able to find your target audience through hashtags, the creation of custom audiences, and use of detailed analytics, that TikTok is becoming so widely used, as it is possible to reach a specific yet global audience with minimal effort and cost.


How Have Businesses used TikTok Marketing Strategies?

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this type of marketing comes from Pepsi India, who executed one of the first motion-triggered challenges created by a brand on the TikTok platform.

Over 100,000 user generated videos were created in response to the challenge, which received over 5.4 billion views over a four-day period.

Even if this example seems excessive when it comes to the advantages TikTok brings to lesser-known brands and business, more modest yet successful campaigns have been carried out by HelloFresh, Dermalogica, and Zoomerang.

A little closer to home, Carden Park Hotel and Spa have used keywords to help boost their engagement, adding location information to attract new customers.

If you feel your business could benefit from being on Tiktok but aren’t sure where to start, contact Studio Coact today, also checkout our Tiktok account and remember to follow us.

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