Why Email Marketing Is Important In Ecommerce

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If you’re not regularly emailing customers or potential clients, you could be missing out on thousands of orders a year – and that’s a lot of money.

That’s because carefully crafted emails can be used to re-engage with customers who have shopped with you in the past, converting them from occasional visitors to regular shoppers.

Email marketing campaigns can also inform potential clients of new offers or remind those who haven’t purchased from you in a while that you’re still very much in business, not to mention alerting them to any special offers.

What’s more, email marketing is an inexpensive tool when it comes to reaching thousands of potential customers, driving more revenue for your business and increasing profits in the process.

So we’ve taken a look at just why email marketing is still one of the most effective, not to mention cost effective tools available.


Reactivate Inactive Customers

Customers will always go inactive for a while. Some may go for good, while others might have just forgotten about you – so don’t take it personally.

But email marketing gives you the perfect opportunity to shout it from the rooftops that you are open for business, as well as reminding some of those you’ve not seen for a while, just what you can offer them.

So consider sending a reactivation email to customers who haven’t opened your newsletter for a while or those who used to shop with you regularly that might now be using a competitor as, even if they open the email and don’t make a purchase, at least you’ll know that they are still thinking about you.


Increase conversions

One of the best ways to boost email conversions is to focus on segmentation, this involves creating different target audiences and separate client lists based on the information you have.

This will allow you to tailor your emails to specific groups, based on things like location, age and profession and it’s also extremely measurable, allowing you to target specific customers and spot areas where there’s room for improvement.

That way there is a greater likelihood that your message will resonate with those you are looking to reach out to, and if you’re doing it right, you will convert potential clients into paying customers.


Reward your loyal customers

It’s one thing getting people to your website to buy your products, but the real trick is to turn them into repeat customers, returning to your online store time and time again.

One way to do this is to operate an automated reward program via email, rewarding customers who have met a desired milestone, perhaps with a discount code.

That way you will not only be redirecting them to your site, but also encouraging them to purchase more of your products.


Monitor your metrics

Unlike things like social media campaigns there’s no guesswork when it comes to email marketing, as you can track who opened your email, which links were clicked or even how many people unsubscribed.

Monitoring these metrics will allow you to measure your internet marketing strategy as a whole, tweaking where necessary to maximise their impact, allowing you to form a clear picture of how your campaigns perform going forward.

And remember, many of those on your list will have volunteered their details in the first place, so will probably be pleased to hear from you.


It’s Cost effective

Email marketing is an efficient way to ensure that small businesses can reach out to their customers, grow their customer base, build their reputation and needn’t break the bank.

One of the main benefits of an email marketing strategy is its low cost and incredible potential when it comes to ROI as, with email, you don’t have to worry about print or postage fees as you can manage a mass mail-out, quite literally, at the click of a button.

But don’t overdo it. Although cheap, receiving hundreds of marketing emails can irritate people, especially if they are irrelevant, too frequent or unwanted. So remember – when it comes to a powerful email marketing campaign – more often than not, less is more.


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