Welcome our new, experienced Web Developer, Marianna Almeida

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Over the past couple of months we’ve been getting to know so much about her and learning from one another’s cultures.

“I’ve been living here for more than one year and it’s been really good. To be honest, the weather was difficult to get used to at first, but people here are really friendly.”


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I like to spend my time with my cats and my wife, watching TV or playing online games.

What’s your favourite piece of work out there?
I’m a big fan of Willian Santiago’s work. He was from Londrina and before I left, I had the opportunity to get one for myself. Unfortunately, he passed away from Covid a few months ago. But I still follow him at Instagram, to see his art every now and then.

What is still the most confusing thing that English people do – you just can’t understand?
One thing still different for me is having beans as breakfast, I’m not saying that is not good, but it’s different.

Do you have any pets? TELL US MORE!
Yeah, right now I have 3 cats that I brought from Brazil. It was an adventure to get them here, we had to travel almost 48 hours, by car, plane and train… But at the end, all was worthy.

Favourite place for a quick bite in Liverpool? What’s the best place to grab some food in Londrina, Brazil?
I really enjoy having some pizza at Rudy’s, it’s such a nice place. At Londrina, we have a really special place called Cafe com proposito. It’s a vegan restaurant.

Are there any foods you’ve tried which you love or hate since being here?
As I said, beans as breakfast are really good. I don’t think I hated anything so far.. But I’m sure I still have lots to try it.

Favourite Movie?
That’s a difficult one, I would say probably Beetlejuice.

What are you listening to, to get into the dev mood?
Currently I’m listening a lot Spanish/Latin music. Elsa y Elmar is really good.

What was your last trip and where is your next?
We went to the zoo a few days ago, it was a special day. I’m a big fan of giraffes. I don’t know, yet. We definitely want to visit Spain soon.

Cake or Palm Heart? Pop or Classical? Autumn or Spring?
Palm Heart. Pop. Spring.


Can you sum up your story in the UK and at Studio Coact so far? And what are the plans from here?

It was always a dream to live here and have contact with different people. I’ve been learning a lot from UK culture at the Studio, and they were really receptive to me. I still have a lot to grow, and I’m really happy to do it here.

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