Welcome our bright new Designer, Caitlin Sullivan

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We’ve been getting to know her quite a lot and thought we’d share a few things with you.

“Aside from working at Studio Coact, I am also a photographer – mainly involved with Live music. I love photographing gigs as it’s always unpredictable and there is a lot of room for creativity, plus I get the chance to watch some of my favourite artists live.”


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
“I tend to adopt new hobbies all the time, one that has stuck with me since childhood is learning instruments. Although I haven’t mastered any, I still practice guitar, drums & piano when I get the chance! I’m always willing to give new things a try.”

What’s your favourite piece of design?
“I don’t have one favourite piece of design, however I have particularly been loving Piet Parra who is a Dutch Artist. He creates paintings, Digital art and he also has a clothing brand PARRA which incorporates his designs. I would buy the entire shop if I could afford it.”

Do you have any pets? TELL US MORE!
“I do have a puppy, his name is Koji and he’s a Japanese Shiba Inu. He is the world’s laziest dog and he’d sleep all day every day if we allowed him to. A massive drama queen too, he probably gets that from me…”

Favourite place for a quick bite in Liverpool?
“My favourite place to go when I’m in town is Mother. It’s a small cafe hidden away on Wood St and I love everything about it, especially the cool ceramics.”

Favourite Movie?
“My all time favourite film is The Sandlot, I could write an essay on why this is the best film in the world but I’ll leave it. A 90’s classic, even though I was born in 2001…”

What are you listening to, to get into the design mood?
“I listen to a lot of different music, I tend to just shuffle my entire music library most of the time because I can never decide on a playlist. Coldplay is and will always be my favourite band, they’ve never made a bad song in their entire career.”

What was your last trip and where is your next?
“I recently went on a trip to Copenhagen which I really enjoyed. I’ve decided its my favourite city in the World even though i’ve never even stepped foot out of Europe. I visited Copenhagen Contemporary, they held a Light & Space exhibition which was very interesting. I’d definitely go back there again. My next adventure is my yearly trip to Spain, I can’t wait to walk outside in shorts and not freeze to death!”

Ice creams or Lolly Ice’s? Hip Hop or Indie? Autumn or Spring?
Ice Cream
Both I can’t choose between music
Spring – only because its closer to summer.


“I’m really enjoying my time at Studio Coact so far. I have been very welcomed and I feel like I’ve known the team longer than I actually have. The biggest highlight so far would be meeting the office dog Oscar who’s always great company! This is my first time working for a Studio, I think I have adjusted quite well and I have the team who always support me whenever I need it.”

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